Payroll Services

We can present creative solutions to any payroll issue from retired employees coming back to a company to start-up operations.

Recruiting Services

To assist with your needs, we recruit the best-qualified employees in all areas of manufacturing and logistics.

Staffing Services

We can staff all areas from small projects to complete facilities that would require on-site supervision.

We Are Here To Serve You!

Reliant Careers advises clients on a broad range of work force solutions, including strategies and services for optimizing staff and skill levels, employee productivity, training, and recruitment and retention. We develop strategic plans for short-term and long-term goals and managed services.

Are You Looking For An Employee?

We specialize in positions such as maintenance tech, electricians, quality techs, CNC machinist, machine operators, welders, supervisors and team leaders. In the Logistic area we staff and recruit for all positions from logistic management to warehouse supervisor.

Why Would I Outsource My Payroll?

Most organizations believe it is more expensive to have someone else complete their payroll tasks. In actuality it is not. When you add up the costs for employee wages, benefits and include your time for review if you are a small company, they can outweigh the cost for outsourcing.

Are You Looking For A Job?

We are always looking for employees that are looking to fill a position for the recent college graduate entering the job market to the unemployed person. We feel like our experience in the staffing area sets us apart. We can present solutions from our past experience.